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Electric Nights in Vietnam

Oct 28, 2019 11:29:57 AM

Lightning explodes across the shoreline of Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam.

Phú Quốc is a Vietnamese island off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand, a white-sand beach paradise that is known for it's resorts; half of the land is part of the islands National Park which features mountains, a tropical jungle, hiking trails and it is also home to both flora and fauna.



Thunderstorm season in Vietnam is around April to October. The average number of thundery days is roughly 100 per year with around 250 thundery hours per year, with that in mind you can tune into the luxury tropical view of Phú Quốc Island 365 days a year with The Radisson Blu Resort, Phu Quoc so sit back and enjoy the view: https://camera.deckchair.com/radisson-blu-resort-phu-quoc-vietnam



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