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Wild Deckchair Views: Tarangire Treetops with Elewana Collection

May 21, 2019 4:21:41 PM

Imagine witnessing a herd of Elephants stopping by for a drink at the Watering hole, life changing right? With Elewana Collection Tarangire Treetops, you can experience wild views of Tanzania all day, everyday. 

This incredible webcam boasts unbeatable views of the wild local visitors who stop by to hang out and give guests a truly unforgettable, wild experience. Expect to see Zebras, Monkeys, Elephants and even a Lioness & cubs one evening!

So, now you can get up close and personal with nature wherever you are in the world with Elewana Collection Tarangire Treetops. Well, What are you waiting for? Start exploring the view today!

Elewana's resident Elephant, Johan, posing for a quick selfie.


A lioness and cubs stopping by for a nightcap


Zebras congregate at the watering hole for a quick drink.




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